Watch Johnny English Reborn 2 Online

In the meantime, it has been again sometime before we you reported them, that the movie "Johnny English" will get a sequel with comedy star Rowan Atkinson. After it became quiet around the agents comedy after this news for a whole time, there is since yesterday to inspect the first official image from "Watch Johnny English Reborn Online". Atkinson, which will probably be the most viewers known under the name "Mr. Bean", will be to see that seven years after his first appearance as a secret agent on the screen.
To date the film in Germany will be seen from 11 August 2011. The filming of "Watch Johnny English Reborn Online" will take place in England and Hong Kong. In addition to Atkinson, we get also Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, in the comedy to see Rosamund Pike and Daniel Kaluuya.
Watch Johnny English Reborn Online, Atkinson will once again play the secret agent more ducks which are at the service of the Crown, and in these jokes will be that most of the film will be based. Again back to have the thanks of this English on the big screen comedian, while not performing to his well-known Mr. Bean. I believe that this man is going to be pigeonholed forever with that image, although it has also made us spend great moments.
For those who love the character of Mr. Bean (television, at least), Johnny English feel us a clown, a version worse and decaffeinated best comedian Rowan Atkinson can give. It will be our fault that we are not to the idea of seeing him in other roles. The case is September 30, this 2011 will premiere the sequel to the 2003 British film and Watch Johnny English Reborn Online.
The director will be Oliver Parker, and sharing we will find (apart from the own Atkinson, of course, that also serves as producer) interesting surprises as Gillian Anderson (the popular agent of the FBI Dana Scully's file X/X), Dominic West (300… see critical) or Rosamund Pike (the villain of die another day), as well as Rik Mayall, Ben Miller and Daniel Kaluuya. In the screenplay, written by Harrish McColl and William Davies, Watch Johnny English Reborn Online he explores more about the past and the "skills" of the secret agent in the service of his Majesty, that is a pathetic and tacky version of James Bond, the legendary Agent 007, which incidentally is also preparing a new film, which will not take to start to give news and rumors.
Watch Johnny English Reborn 2 Online, that little data we have known until now and as the name indicates, will be as a revival of the character, but only in a figurative sense, given that the rest of the fabric and especially the comic style of tape promise to be very similar to the first part. In other words, for all the fans who liked the first film, I am sure that will also be satisfied with this sequel. For now we have a small breakthrough in the form of trailer where practically tells us throughout history.
Personally, and I hope to be wrong, I think that we have already seen the best jokes you find throughout the film in the trailer. Watch Johnny English Reborn Online not because she is funny, because at least in my not seem so to me, but because all the work has an air of neglect, of having become a production which only seeks the money while none of those involved wanted to make it to check a bit back. I think that Atkinson was far funnier when not speaking, or when it aired only unintelligible sounds.
But the film, directed by Oliver Parker, will be released. It is expected to reach theaters around the world in September of this year. We have to wait until then to judge it as it should Watch Johnny English Reborn 2 Online for free here.